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Roller Window - Wind Resistent - Top Mounted - Made to Measure - White

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Quick Overview

Made to Measure Roller Window and Door Screen, Top Mounted - Pull Down
Suitable for Domestic or Office Use

Product Information and Measuring Instructions - Please click

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We manufacture to your exact measurements. Please follow the measuring guide.

Due to this product being 'made to measure' we can not accept returns or give refunds.


Face or reveal fits onto window frame, sub frame, the wall outside the reveal or within the window aperture.

If your window opens out the screen will be fitted on the inside and vice versa.
The mesh screen is opterated by a chain on either the left or right side of the cassette.
Alternatively the mesh screen can be extended using a handle on the edge of the mesh (optional).
When the mesh is extended down it locks into position and releases easily allowing the mesh to retract back into the cassette.
Low profile cassette in white powder coated aluminium.

Minimum width available 520mm.

Maximum size 2000mm wide x 2480mm high.

Grey insect mesh as standard.


  1. Mesh screen retracts smoothly into its cassette when not in use.
  2. Ideal for use in the office or at home.
  3. Easy access to open and close windows.
  4. Made-to-measure (supplied ready for you to fit).

Measuring for Reveal Fit - Window only

Measure the minimum width of the reveal; we suggest you take three measurements - top, middle and bottom. The cassette will be made to fit the smallest measurement.

Measure the minimum height of the reveal, again we suggest you take three measurements - left, middle and right. The side tracks will be adjusted to fit the smallest measurement.

Made to Measure - we will make to the exact size you tell us.

Width: Smallest width of reveal = ______mm
Height: Smallest height of reveal = ______mm

Measuring for Face Fit - Window only

The width of the cassette is the critical measurement – it cannot be changed after it has been made.
Measure the width of the aperture, plus any bevelled edges on the window frame.
Add 40mm of flat surface on each side to fit the tracks.
Measure the height of the aperture, plus any bevelled edges on the window frame. Add 50mm flat surface for the cassette to fit to.
The bottom bar needs to close below the start of the flat surface to provide a seal, so add a minimum of 10mm of flat surface at the bottom, more can be
added if space allows.
If fitting to the wall outside the reveal, we suggest you add an additional 20mm of flat surface on each side and at the top, to avoid fixing too close to the edge of
the reveal.

Made-to-Measure - we will make to the exact size you give us.

Width: Aperture (and bevelled edges) + 80 of flat surface = ______mm
Height: Aperture (and bevelled edges) + 60 of flat surface = ______mm


Additional Information

Product Type Made to Measure
Download Product Information PDF Download
Weight 1.0000
Suitable for Domestic and Office Use